Pricing & value

Here is a guide to Digital Streams website prices and packages. Creating a website that works is essential for your business.

We understand the time and effort that it takes from you and from us to get it right for you. Our website prices are all-inclusive and excellent value-for-money.

You can select one of our standard packages, or we can quote on your specific needs. 


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Twelve Pages



Twenty Pages


Positive outcomes with effective content

Each of our business packages begins with a detailed briefing about your business and the outcomes you want to generate from your website. 

  • You give us information about your ideal customer and how they find you.
  • We gather important information about your existing digital media assets and internet presence.  We call this a digital health check.
  • We then custom design your new site to meet those particular goals.
  • We give you a timeline for getting your new site up and running, with opportunities for your input and control.
  • This partnering process leads to good outcomes for both of us.
  • A quality website for you and a happy customer for us.

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    Features of Every Digital Streams Website

    Objectives & Outcomes

    We spend time learning about your business goals and priorities, so your website helps to achieve them.

    Audience & Content

    You probably know who your ideal customer type is, so we’ll help design content to attract more of them.


    Digital Health Check

    We’ll conduct a thorough website & digital marketing health check, so we use and improve your current marketing assets.


    Custom Website Design

    Your website will be custom designed to reflect your business and attract your customers.

    Mobile Friendly Content

    Your website will look great on mobile. 60% of traffic comes from mobile devices.

    Search Engine Friendly

    We use technologies that easily allow for sophisticated search engine optimisation.

    Social Media Integration

    Mesh your website with other marketing channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

    Professional Stock Images

    Each page can have a high-quality professional digital image, copyright cleared at no extra cost.

    Industry-Standard Technologies

    We use industry-standard technologies like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and various eCommerce solutions.

    Individual Training Sessions

    You will receive one-on-one training on the maintenance and update of your website.

    Web Hosting & Support Advice

    Hosting and support make a lot of difference to the speed and availability of your site.

    Ongoing Consulting & New Pages

    Your website needs regular attention to keep it current and to respond to new market opportunities.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The team at Digital Streams have worked with hundreds of clients ranging from small businesses, start-ups and incubators, to medium-sized businesses, through to large government departments and multi-national corporations. 

    Here is a list of common questions we are asked at the beginning of projects.

    Can I have input to and control of my project?

    For our fixed-price packages, we seek your guidance and approval at key stages of your project – generally before we undertake major tasks. 

    If we are undertaking your project as a medium-term “growth driven design” style of development, we will work very closely together approving small, frequent upgrades to your website, finishing the work quickly, testing the result and then moving onto the next agreed development task.

    How long does it take?

    Our starter packages will be live 30 days from the time you sign-off on the content and strategy. For more complex jobs, we will supply you with a timeline with delivery stages clearly indicated.

    Who will I deal with at Digital Streams?

    You will have a single person who will take charge of your project. They will be your point of contact for all matters: creative, technical and administrative.

    Why have a digital health check?

    The website and digital health check helps us with assets like images, logos, text & copy, marketing materials, passwords, login credentials and many other details that we will carefully catalogue and index for you. This up-front effort speeds up the development of your new site.

    What about copyright?

    Copyright is a serious business.  We will clear any materials we supply for your new website for their intended use and for the territories you will use them in. We assume that you have copyright approvals for any materials you supply to us. The Digital Health Check will help here.

    What about eCommerce sites?

    We are experienced in developing transaction sites with payment gateways of many kinds, including membership sites, event booking sites, online training as well as traditional online shopfronts for consumer goods.

    How do I commission Digital Streams?

    Normally we are invited to make a proposal for a task where we submit a written quote. 

    Once we are engaged, we submit our standard contract which specifies the task, the budget, the timeline and the payment schedule. 

    We ask for payments to be staged as work to-date has been approved and you give us the go ahead to move on with the project.

    Other services Digital Streams offers

    We are a team experienced in software development, database systems, interactive presentations, video production and print design. If it’s digital media, we can help you.